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Don't let a lapse in judgment ruin your life. If you were in a fight or accused of assaulting someone, you should seek experienced counsel. If you are accused of committing an assault with a deadly weapon, you could be facing a felony with serious jail time.

Located in Long Beach, and serving all of southern California, defense lawyer Richard Poland has over 40 years experience defending clients charged with a criminal offense, including violent crimes such as assault and battery. He is a California Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist. His experience and background allow you to feel confident that you have competent and effective representation.

California Assault and Battery Crimes

We defend people throughout the Long Beach area accused of violent crimes, including the following assault and battery offenses:

To learn more about assault and battery laws, or to discuss your criminal charges with an experienced southern California Board Certified criminal defense attorney in confidence, please schedule a free initial consultation to determine how we can help you by calling us at 562-437-6418 or filling out our intake form on our Contact page.

Stalking and Harassment Charges

If you are charged with stalking or harassment, or for violating a restraining order prohibiting contact, contact our firm. For a free initial consultation, call us at 562-437-6418 or fill out our intake form on our Contact page.

If you have charged or are currently under investigation for assault in California, you need to have the best criminal defense legal representation to fight the charges and make sure your rights are protected. You need The Law Offices of Richard Poland.