Drug charges can be very serious offenses. Convictions for certain drug crimes can carry long prison terms. Additionally, a conviction to drug charges can limit a person's opportunities. For that reason, you want to retain the best possible criminal defense attorney if you are arrested for a drug crime.

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Located in Long Beach, and serving all of southern California, felony defense lawyer Richard Poland has over 40 years of experience defending clients charged with a criminal offense, including drug charges. He can assist you in understanding the severity of the criminal charges against you, the criminal justice system and your options. You can rely on the information he provides because it comes from years of experience, an extensive knowledge of California's drug laws and in-depth understanding of criminal procedure. 

California Drug Charges

From a Long Beach law office, we defend clients in the area and throughout Southern California accused of a variety of drug crimes, including the following drug charges:

  • Drug Possession (including the possession of not only the drugs themselves, but also drug paraphernalia like pipes, "bongs" and needles)
  • Drug Trafficking (sometimes referred to as drug distribution, selling drugs or possession with intent to distribute an illegal substance)
  • Drug Cultivation (most commonly growing marijuana)
  • Drug Manufacturing (most commonly manufacturing methamphetamine or crack cocaine, e.g., "meth labs," "meth houses," or "crack houses")
  • Prescription Medication Abuse (e.g., filling prescriptions at multiple locations, forging prescriptions, buying legal prescription drugs from others or stealing medications)
  • Medical Marijuana cases (representing people who hold medical marijuana cards but have been accused of violating the strict requirements for possession of that marijuana)

Common Drugs Involved in Drug Charges

We handle all types of drug charges involving many different drugs. The following are some of the more frequent drugs we see in drug charges:

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