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If you have been charged with murder, attempted homicide or manslaughter, you are facing the most serious charges possible. A conviction could mean that you spend the majority if not your entire life in prison. When you have that much on the line, you need the experienced and aggressive criminal defense representation of attorney Richard Poland. Located in Long Beach, he has more than 40 years experience defending clients against serious criminal charges, including murder, attempted murder and manslaughter.

He has earned a reputation for excellence because of his thoroughness and aggressive style. Because he realizes what is at stake, Richard Poland is prepared to devote the time needed to provide a serious defense for serious criminal charges.

We won't lie to you; defending a murder or homicide case is time-consuming and expensive. It takes time to cover all the bases and do everything possible to prepare the best possible defense. All the evidence must be thoroughly examined. We will determine whether proper procedures were followed and will seek to exclude evidence when they were not followed. We will also talk to witnesses and prepare the best possible defense. If we don't have the time to devote to your case, we will not accept you as a client.

Experienced California Homicide-Murder Defense Attorney

We have extensive experience trying high-stakes cases, and can represent clients accused of any violent crime, including the following:

If you are suspected or accused of murder or of killing another individual, or if you are accused of attempted murder, you should seek the very possible representation. At the very least, your freedom is at stake. Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss whether we are the right firm to represent you by calling us at 562-437-6418 or filling out our intake form on our Contact page so we can contact you.

The Law Office of Richard Poland practices criminal defense law exclusively. He has a proven track record of successfully representing clients charged with criminal offenses including homicide.