After an arrest for drunk driving, you will face two separate and possibly life-changing legal actions. One will be the DUI criminal charge brought by the prosecution. The other is administrative in nature, involving DMV license suspension issues. At the Law Office of Richard L. Poland, we offer experienced legal representation against criminal DUI matters and help our clients throughout Southern California protect their driving privileges.

You only have 10 days from the date of your DUI arrest to request a DMV license suspension hearing. Should you fail to request this hearing, your license will automatically be suspended. Get help today from a knowledgeable defense attorney who is dedicated to helping you maintain your driving privileges. Call our firm at 562-437-6418 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.

Arrested for DUI? A Skilled Defense Lawyer Can Help.

Richard L. Poland has more than 40 years of legal experience and substantial knowledge of all aspects of drunk driving defense. Attorney Poland can take immediate action to help you maintain your driver's license and keep your driving record unscathed. In addition to handling the criminal matters, he will demand a formal hearing before the DMV's Driver Safety Office (DSO) and provide you with representation at that hearing. He readily addresses all aspects of your DUI arrest, striving to protect your rights and minimize both the criminal and administrative consequences you face.

Representing Commercial Drivers Arrested for Drunk Driving

Truckers and others who rely on a commercial drivers' license (CDL) for their livelihood face even more severe consequences following a drunk driving arrest. Even if arrested in you personal vehicle at the time, your CDL can be suspended — this affects your very livelihood. It is vitally important that you also remember that the BAC threshold is lower for CDL holders than it is for standard license holders. In California, a drunk driving charge can be filed against someone operating a vehicle with a BAC of .08 or greater; for a CDL holder, that threshold is much lower, only .04 or greater. You need the help of an experienced lawyer who fully understands the consequences of losing your commercial license to help you protect your rights, your freedom and your ability to earn a living.

Whatever your situation, the Law Office of Richard L. Poland offers vigorous legal representation involving all DMV license suspension issues. Our firm is focused on helping you keep your driving privileges and protecting your rights.

Questions about DMV license suspension? Seek help from an attorney with over 40 years of experience. Contact the Law Office of Richard L. Poland today to schedule your free initial consultation.

If you have been charged with DUI and are in danger of having your license suspended, you need to have experienced legal representation that will fight for you and work to help you keep your license during the proceedings. The loss of your license can affect your ability to earn income and cause an enormous strain on an already stressful situation.