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In California, you are not permitted to own or carry a firearm or ammunition if you have been convicted of a felony or certain misdemeanors. If a person with a felony conviction is shown to own or carry a gun or other illegal firearm they can be brought up on felony weapons charges.

Located in Long Beach, and serving all of southern California, defense lawyer Richard Poland has over 40 years experience defending clients charged with criminal offenses, including weapons charges. He is a California Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist. His experience and background will empower you with confidence and information about your options so you can make an informed decision.

Weapons Charges: Committing a Crime Using a Weapon

If you are convicted of a crime using a weapon, there will be serious consequences. The use a weapon or firearm can add over 10 years to your sentence. Further, the use of a firearm can elevate a misdemeanor to a felony.

Therefore, you want representation from a criminal defense attorney who will go the extra mile to make sure your rights are fully protected and all avenues are explored.

For questions about possession of illegal firearms, or the consequences of charges of using a weapon in the commission of a crime and how a conviction can impact your future, or to discuss your weapons charges with an experienced California Board Certified criminal defense attorney in confidence, please schedule a free initial consultation by calling us at 562-437-6418 or filling out our intake form on our Contact page. We are here to protect your freedom.

If You Have Been Charged With A Weapons Related Offense, You Need The 40 Years Of Experience of The Law Office of Richard Poland.